Promote your brand in one of the simplest and yet the most effective methods of outdoor advertising. WARMAX will prepare for your solid aluminium LED light boxes in several sizes. You can choose from a number of versions, including dibond and vinyl ones. The company ensures high durability and quality of the promotional medium.
Uxendon hill 66 , HA9 9SL London ,
7 920 094 458


Are you interested in the highest comfort during your stay in Poland? Then make sure you visit the Don Prestige Residence hotel in Poznan. It offers you over 70 rooms, divided by size, interior design and location. However, they all offer you the most luxurious conditions to rest or have fun. The residence is located in the city center which makes it perfect for both tourists and business people looking for an elegant place to stay for a few nights.
Don Prestige Residence
Św. Marcin 2 , 61-803 Poznan , wielkopolskie
618 590 590

Chocolate cups

Visit the online store created by and for confectionery masters. Barbara Luijckx is an expert, offering a wide range of chocolate decorations, including cups and cones as well as cigarellos, shavings, truffles, curls and many others. Make your next cake or dessert a true masterpiece with these sweet accessories!
Barbara Luijckx sp. z o. o.
Latkowo 40 , 88-100 Inowrocław , kujawsko-pomorskie
523 580 700

www.progress-screens.com - Rotary drum screen

Self-cleaning, designed for uninterrupted use in the most demanding industrial conditions, the rotary sieve is selected by a number of companies looking for reliable machinery. The drum screen separates solid particles from liquids. It is available in different dimensions, depending on their purpose and expected output.
Progress Eco
Dobrów 7 , 28-142 Tuczępy , Świętochrzyskie
158 646 270

Wheel loaders

Used in the most difficult conditions on construction sites worldwide, the machinery offers efficient work and the highest degree of reliability. Dressta manufactures wheel loaders with extremely strong frames, powerful engines and precise steering system. The website includes all the technical details you need.

Digital precision scales

Extensive functionality and at the same time intuitive use of the precision scales makes them one of the best on the market. RADWAG's designers have developed standard, advanced and professional weighing equipment for research facilities, universities and laboratories. The website includes technical details of the balances.
19599 NE 10th Ave. , 33179 North Miami Beach ,
13 056 513 522

MV-type metal-clad - Air insulated switchgear

Designed to withstand difficult conditions of energy distribution, generation and consumption at industrial facilities. Each air insulated switchgear manufactured by ZPUE company offers as well vast configuration options to meet your demands. Check more characteristics of the air-insulated, steel solution.
Jędrzejowska 79c , 29-100 Włoszczowa , świętokrzyskie
413 881 000

Medieval costumes

Visit the online store to get one of the best, the highest quality dresses, shoes, garments and other medieval costumes. The store specialises in selling perfect accessories for re-enactments of battles and other 13th to 15th century events. The offer also includes furniture, tents and armament. See more!

Concrete reinforcement

Bendable, threaded solutions chosen by one of the best construction companies on the market. Forbuild has prepared innovative, reliable concrete reinforcement systems, designed to strengthen virtually any type of structure. The offer also includes special anchoring sets and balcony connectors. See more!
Forbuild S.A.
ul. Górna 2a , 26-200 Końskie , świętokrzyskie
413 751 347


Is your apartment cluttered? Visit the website of Tegre company and order your new walk-in or built-in wardrobes with sliding doors. They are manufactured in virtually any style - thanks to an amazing number of finishes and colours. They can stand our or blend in with your interiors. Make the right choice and order this amazing piece of furniture today.

Z vibe oral motor

One of the most appreciated, safe and effective at the same time, tools for tackling speech disorders is Z-Vibe oral motor tool. PJ Therapeutic has prepared a special category, including virtually all of the tips for the oral motor, speech tool. You can purchase one by one or the whole kit, saving your time and money.
PJ Therapeutic
Chodkiewicza 5 , 43-600 Jaworzno , śląskie
797 171 989

Pushchair or pram - Baby Accessories UK

Every caring parent will surely find amazing products for their baby in the offer of our online store. We focus on selecting only the safest and the most functional accessories, such as travel system pram. It is a solution which makes trips by car with your child much easier and comfortable. Check the offer!
Baby Accessories UK
Poznańska 82 , 76-200 Słupsk , pomorskie
889 320 905

Corner sofa beds | https://www.dakohome.co.uk/

Elegant, perfect for your living room, and at the same time highly practical pieces of furniture. Dako online shop offers great corner sofa beds for every UK apartment, flat and house. They can be quickly transformed into a large and comfortable place to sleep - but during the day they do not take up your precious space!
Dako Furniture
Unit 2 Audley court , IP24 1HT Thetford , Norfolk
8 000 855 512

Pressure tanks

Coolers, absorbers, vessels for storage of hot water, gas and other media, heat exchangers and numerous other solutions. Niwa company has prepared a comprehensive range of pressure tanks, used by diverse industrial facilities. These include food, chemical, environmental protection industries and several others.
Przedsiębiorstwo Usługowo-Produkcyjno-Handlowe NIWA J.J. Niwa Spółka Jawna
Robotnicza 38 , 39-100 Ropczyce , podkarpackie
172 218 423

CCTV systems

Wireless technology lets you increase the safety in your workplace at minimum effort. Wi-Fi CCTV systems from Camsat are designed to work with digital, analog and IP cameras always providing high stability and reliability of the signal transmission. The offer includes full range of accessories and devices for monitoring purposes.
Ogrodowa 2a , 86-050 Solec Kujawski , Kujawsko-Pomorskie
523 871 097

FROGUT - plastic bag manufacturing

Choose your form (T-shirt, soft loop, sinus, standard) and version (ecological, thermobags) and contact FROGUT company to start a cooperation. In terms of plastic bag manufacturing the company has become a leader, providing high quality and ecological solutions. Join the group of the biggest brands and become the producer's client as well!
Drużynowa 8 , 02-590 Warszawa , mazowieckie
225 417 000

Design your cover case

Custom-made housing for your smartphone does not have to be as dull as everyone else's. Telart's online shop is a place, where you can design your own phone case in a few simple steps. You pick your model, add a picture or choose one of the available ones, include your motto (or not) and generate your cover!
Brajan Paweł Derewońko
41 challis lane , CM7 1 AL BRAINTREE ,
999 999 999

Sheet piles

Flood, retaining wall systems, elements used for river regulation or slopes reinforcement - Pietrucha company offers plastic sheet piles with quite universal application. They are selected by innovative construction companies as the PVC is aesthetically elegant, resistant to rust and damage as well as easy to install.
S. i A. Pietrucha Sp. z o.o.
Szkolna 29 , 95-054 Ksawerów , łódzkie
422 128 484

Synthetic floor

For stadiums and sport arenas, schools but also shops, warehouses, laboratories and a number of other facilities. Novol has a synthetic floor for every requirement. The surface system producer used the most advanced, artificial materials to create the safest, the most durable and aesthetic solutions.

Geogrid fabric

Perfect for every modern construction undertaking, selected by professionals around the world. The geogrid fabric, manufactured by PIETRUCHA company, offers amazing soil stabilization and erosion control parameters. Thanks to the use of geosynthetics the new road, river bank or other place can be much more secure, durable and reliable.
Przemysłowa 10 , 98-235 Błaszki , łódzkie
438 292 051
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