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Simple in style, manufactured from solid materials and designed with respect to the best contemporary ideas. MDD has developed a wide range of office furniture, which includes a salon reception desk for every business space. Elegance and business practicality are skilfully combined into one, amazing piece of office furniture.

FROGUT - plastic bag manufacturing

Choose your form (T-shirt, soft loop, sinus, standard) and version (ecological, thermobags) and contact FROGUT company to start a cooperation. In terms of plastic bag manufacturing the company has become a leader, providing high quality and ecological solutions. Join the group of the biggest brands and become the producer's client as well!
Drużynowa 8 , 02-590 Warszawa , mazowieckie
225 417 000

Design your cover case

Custom-made housing for your smartphone does not have to be as dull as everyone else's. Telart's online shop is a place, where you can design your own phone case in a few simple steps. You pick your model, add a picture or choose one of the available ones, include your motto (or not) and generate your cover!
Telart Krzysztof Kalicki
41 challis lane , CM7 1 AL BRAINTREE , Essex
999 999 999

Dental treatment in Poland

Do you want to save some money on dental treatment? Visit Poland and INDEXMEDICA clinic, where you will find all the attention, professionalism and quality of services you expect. And it all comes at fantastic, amazingly affordable prices. So do not hesitate, visit the clinic’s website and contact us!
Czapińskiego 2 , 30-048 Kraków , Lesser Poland
126 311 133

Sheet piles

Flood, retaining wall systems, elements used for river regulation or slopes reinforcement - Pietrucha company offers plastic sheet piles with quite universal application. They are selected by innovative construction companies as the PVC is aesthetically elegant, resistant to rust and damage as well as easy to install.
S. i A. Pietrucha Sp. z o.o.
Szkolna 29 , 95-054 Ksawerów , łódzkie
422 128 484

Baby cots ireland

Do not trouble yourself to go to a shop when you can buy baby cots online! Visit the website and check the diversity and quality of the available beds for newborns and a bit older children. What is more, they are also very elegant, thus every parent's taste should be satisfied. Check the details and the prices!

Synthetic floor

For stadiums and sport arenas, schools but also shops, warehouses, laboratories and a number of other facilities. Novol has a synthetic floor for every requirement. The surface system producer used the most advanced, artificial materials to create the safest, the most durable and aesthetic solutions.

Geogrid fabric

Perfect for every modern construction undertaking, selected by professionals around the world. The geogrid fabric, manufactured by PIETRUCHA company, offers amazing soil stabilization and erosion control parameters. Thanks to the use of geosynthetics the new road, river bank or other place can be much more secure, durable and reliable.
Przemysłowa 10 , 98-235 Błaszki , łódzkie
438 292 051

Sash windows

Years of experience and honing of skills of the employees of MTM Herman company, results today in an offer of bespoke furniture, sash or casement windows, as well as fantastic doors. All of our products are available in virtually any sizes to meet the needs of a wide range of customers in the UK. See more.
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